We offer a program geared uniquely to entrepreneurs whose focus starts in Latin America. We don’t take equity in startups. We accompany qualifying teams through the first 10 months of their startup, making sure they are ready for additional rounds of funding.
We choose smart entrepreneurs and their teams who have a clear focus, who understand the demands of building a startup and who show the necessary commitment by their willingness to move to Silicon Valley for 3 months and learn from their mentors and peers.
For now we will run two programs a year.
There will be 8 – 10 teams per program.
Since indicators of success for startups include having several cofounders to a team [startup genome project], we will normally admit only founder teams that have 2 – 4 members [or more]. It is possible to come to Silicon Valley, look for a cofounder and then apply. But, it’s difficult as many who have tried can attest.
Yes, the important thing is to have a strong idea solving a real and existing problem that you can turn into a viable company.
Yes, founders and cofounders should be here for the entire 3 months, your other team members can stay and work from your home country.
Living and travel costs are not included. Living in Silicon Valley can be expensive. We have negotiated special packages with entrepreneur communities for you to live in.
We can put you in touch with our entrepreneurship lawyer Carmen Naranjo who specializes in visa applications for entrepreneurs, but for a stay in ZFunction University, a B-1 or B-2 visa is easy to apply for and you shouldn’t need legal help for that.

Our program is divided in two stages: ZFunction and ZReady Stages.

Zfunction (four months). The first month takes place in your home country and for the next 3 months we bring you to Silicon Valley. We use a Lean Startup approach to grow your startup without wasting time. Core training, working with mentors, SV networking dinners and events, introductions to investors and presentation day.

ZReady Stage (six months). Startups that successfully complete the ZFunction stage proceed to the ZReady stage, which takes place in your home country.
Product and startup shaping, preparing to scale and investment networking for additional rounds of funding.
When you are admitted, you become part of ZFunction University’s community. We will prepare you to make the best use of a three-month program in Silicon Valley’s highly competitive and dynamic environment.

We will provide you with essential ingredients to build a successful startup:
  • a structured program, a passionate community, an effective workspace and proximity and access to capital.
We will get you ready to scale your startup, and prepare you to raise additional capital.
In the first weeks, we give you structured, sometimes classroom-like instruction which will allow you to deepen and strengthen your focus and grow your startup without wasting time.
In addition, we match you to mentors that will give you advice in areas you need help with and who will guide you based on their own startup experiences.
Throughout the entire program – on a daily or weekly basis – we will make sure that you get access to a variety of mentors, investors and other entrepreneurs to make sure you get the real “Silicon Valley experience”.
If you are selected, you will continue to the ZReady stage which lasts 6 months. If not, we will try to pair you with experienced mentors in your own country and with other entrepreneurs to help you with your company development and with difficult decisions and choices you will have to make.

ZFunction University’s management team is the General Partner of SV LATAM Fund which funds startups from Latin America. After you have completed the ZFunction stage, you can apply for funding.
Yes, we have team scholarships available for the top applicants to our program.
Tuition is paid by your institution, a scholarship from our program or a grant from your home country.